As temperatures continue to drop in the winter season, you’re probably preparing your house to withstand the long and challenging winter. You might be cutting the grass one more time, making sure your insulation is squared away and even checking that your outdoor water is turned off. While it’s great to pay attention to winterizing the exterior of your house, you also need to consider the inside of your home as well. Your plumbing is extremely vulnerable to winter and freezing temperatures, and if you don’t take care to prevent damage, you could wind up with frozen, burst, and damaged pipes that destroy your home and cost you thousands of dollars.

When the temperature drops to below freezing, the water in your pipes will begin to cool. The colder it gets, the more likely it is that water can freeze inside your pipes. What exactly does a frozen pipe mean? Well, the ice inside your pipes blocks the natural flow of water inside your plumbing, increasing the pressure applied to your pipes and forcing water through your pipes at higher and more forceful speeds. The higher this pressure builds, the more danger you’re in of a burst pipe; the water pressure being so great that it breaks your pipes apart. A burst pipe is a huge safety hazard for many reasons. The dripping water could connect with nearby wiring or electrical outlets and create a possible electrocution hazard. It can also cause severe water damage to your property, which could weaken your foundation and will destroy your furniture, flooring, and anything else in your home.

Monitoring the health of your plumbing in the winter season is a challenge for a few different reasons. First of all, your home’s plumbing system is huge. In fact, your plumbing is so extensive that over ten percent of homeowners experience a daily leak somewhere in their plumbing that they simply don’t notice, just because there are too many places to check. Even the smallest of cracks in your plumbing can cause thousands of dollars in damage and leak hundreds of gallons of water, but with such an extensive plumbing system how can you possibly keep an eye on it all? Enero Labs has the answer.

The Enero Labs Water Smart Leak Detector solution is designed to protect your plumbing and ward off water damage in a single, no-fuss system. Its sleek, smart design allows you to control your home’s water supply from anywhere thanks to its emergency remote shut-off capability. The Smart Water Leak Detector analyzes your home’s entire plumbing system at a moment’s notice, detecting leaks in mere minutes and sending alerts the second an issue is discovered. You can cut off your water supply through your phone if a leak is detected and protect your home from even more water damage or safety hazards and use the app to identify specific areas of your home’s plumbing that need attention. It also detects temperature conditions and can warn you when pipes are in danger of freezing, allowing you to take preventative action to protect your home.

Burst pipes are a serious problem for homeowners everywhere. Don’t be caught off guard by the dangers that burst pipes present with Enero Labs. Get your own Smart Water Leak Detector solution installed today and rest secure in the knowledge that your home is protected around the clock with state of the art plumbing technology that will keep your family comfortable and safe for years to come.

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Finding out you have a leak is not a great way to start the day. Leaks can occur anywhere in your home, sometimes going completely undetected until it's too late. Avoid the potential headache by getting ahead of leaks before they become a major problem with Enero Labs Water Leak Detection System. Here is a comprehensive look at water leaks, and how to prevent them.

Remember, early detection of a major water leak can save you a lot of time and money. Some typical situations; a water leak may consist of burst or burst pipe, wildlife infestation, a lack of an extraction system for an appliance, poor construction practices, and construction on a poorly prepared site. Most water leaks occur at, or exit through a wall that is not properly lined with sheet rock or to create a void. There are simple signs you can look for to determine if your home is experiencing a water leak. Often, they are evident around your ceiling or even around the floor, it is important to assess the extent of the damage before you spend money. A hole or break in a concrete wall will allow water to climb into the concrete and cause further damage. Especially, after the water evaporates, it is fairly easy to see the crack around the leak on wood. Water damage in wood products will often create the drying process much quicker, meaning the material will receive even more damage. A water leak at the floor level, usually through or near a floor covering, will often cause floor damage such as warping and buckling. Often, the floor will need to be replaced, so stay away from the water while your concrete floor dries; as you are looking at the damage, look for floor damage signs such as bubbling. The damage to your new area rugs which are often the first to receive water may cause the fibers to twist and the fibers themselves to get poorer. Your fibers will be even worse if they are exposed to water over a long time.

Reducing accidental water-leaks will go a long way towards minimizing the expense and time dealing with the damage, especially when combined with implementing immediate water mitigation measures to put the leak behind them once the extent of damage has been assessed.

Check out Enero Labs Water Leak System to provide you peace of mind, with its automatic water shut-off and leak alerts delivered to you wherever you are.

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