Watching your water


Enero uses continuous learning while monitoring your water usage patterns and entire plumbing system to quickly identify and alert you to existing leaks as well as the potential for new leaks such as frozen pipes.


We believe it pays to live smart. Our flagship smart water monitor with advance leak detection was designed to let you to do just that. Avoid the costs associated with unexpected water damage to your home caused by leaks in your plumbing. Advanced monitoring features keep your home protected while giving you complete control over your homes water supply.

Staying Connected...


The Enero App keeps you connected and in the know, providing real time reports and historical usage data while alerting you to any unusual changes in water usage patterns.

Integrates with popular smart home devices:



Inside and Out...


Control your home's water supply from anywhere with Enero defense's remote emergency cut off feature. 

Enero recognizes when you're not home, and will automatically cut off the water supply should a major leak be detected. 


Save your home...Save your water | Enero Smart Water Monitor with Advanced Leak Detection

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