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  • Where should I install Enero Water Leak Detector?
    Enero Water Leak Detector is installed on the main incoming water line. It should be fitted upstream from where the water system begins to branch off to other appliances and downstream from pressure regulators and water meters. It is also important to mount the valve so that the property owner has ready access to the face of it to be able to access the manual shut-off valve and reset the device as necessary. Additionally, the valve should be fitted into a location on the main line so that it does not interfere with flow to fire suppression and irrigation systems.
  • Do I need a plumber to install the Enero Water Leak Detector?
    It is important to make sure that installation complies with local building codes therefore we recommend that a certified and licensed plumber install Enero Water Leak Detector.
  • Can the Enero Water Leak Detector system be installed outdoors?
    Unlike our competitors, Enero Water Leak Detector is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation. An industrial strength housing with UV protection keeps the device and it's sensors safe in all environmental conditions. Whether indoors or outdoor, a power source must be made available in order for the device to function.
  • What type of Wi-Fi network is Enero Labs products compatible with?
    Enero Labs products can only operate on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. They are also only compatible with Open, WEP, or WPA/WPA2-Personal networks.
  • What are the electrical requirements and do I need to hire an electrician?
    A standard 120v AC outlet should be available within 20’ of the site where the Enero Defense is installed. An extension cord can be used as necessary.
  • How can Enero Water Leak Detector identify leaks?
    Enero Water Leak Detector monitors water pressure and flow while learning the water usage patterns in your home, and continues to learn from your usage habits to identify changes that signify an issue. Enero Water Leak Detector monitors and alerts you to: Frozen pipes Burst pipes Appliance leaks Other Small leaks
  • What is Small Leak Detection?
    Small Leak Detection is Enero's way of checking your plumbing for small, easy-to-miss leaks which produce so little flow they would otherwise be undetectable. An old or damaged toilet fill valve, corrosion in copper pipes, a loose connection in an appliance such as a washing machine or ice maker, or a dripping faucet can all cause these easy-to-miss leaks. Here's how it works: Enero Water Leak Detector will identify the optimal time of day to perform the Small Leak Detection Test. The test can also be run by the homeowner anytime of the day by just pressing the Start button - in the Small Leak Detection in the mobile app. At the scheduled time, Enero Water Leak Detector will close the valve for 10 - 15 minutes. Enero Water Leak Detector uses a combination of information including pressure and flow within your pipes to determine whether there may be water loss from your plumbing system (e.g. a pinhole leak or dripping faucet). At the end of the test, Enero Water Leak Detector will reopen the valve and send you a notification if an issue was detected. With Enero Defense Small Leak Detection, you are secure in knowing that even the smallest of problems in your home plumbing won't escape your notice.
  • Does the Enero Water Leak Detector protect against frozen or burst pipes?
    Although the Enero Water Leak Detector system cannot prevent your pipes from freezing, optional temperature sensors can shut off your water in the event the temperature near/on indoor pipes equipped with these sensors drops below a preset temperature (approximately 34°F +/- 2°F).
  • What happens to Enero Water Leak Detector during a power outage?
    Enero Water Leak Detector has a battery backup that will automatically turn on if power is lost. Once power is restored, the battery backup will turn off. The battery self charges and does not need to be taken out or disconnected to charge or recharge.
  • How can I turn off my water supply using the Enero Water Leak Detector?
    The shut-off valve on Enero Water Leak Detector can be opened and closed remotely through our mobile app. The shut-off valve can be set to automatically cut off water supply when a major leak is detected by the system. In an emergency you can use the manual shut-off valve located on the face of the device. Alternatively you can use your home's pre-existing shut-off valve to turn off water for needed repairs.
  • Is there a warranty on Enero Water Leak Detector?
    Enero Defense is built to outlast similar products offered by our competitors. We offer an industry leading 2 year warranty on our smart water monitor.
  • Does Enero Water Leak Detector qualify me for a discount on my homeowner’s insurance?
    Enero helps to effectively reduce the catastrophic damage caused by common plumbing leaks. This greatly reduces the chance of needing to make one of the most common types of home insurance claims – internal water damage loss. Contact your insurance agent directly to see if they offer discounts for emergency automatic water shut-off systems or security system enhancements such as the Enero Labs system.
  • What maintenance needs to be conducted on Enero Water Leak Detector?
    Enero Water Leak Detector is meant for the homeowner to "set it and forget it" until a leak is identified and the system either automatically shuts off the water or alerts the homeowner of a minor leak. The system runs self checks on a regular schedule and exercises the ball valve every 72 hours to ensure the valve is always operational. As the back up battery self charges, there is no additional maintenance requirement or constant beeping to change the battery. If a water emergency occurs during a power outage, the back up battery will be in a charged state and ready to work. With Enero Water Leak Detector, the homeowner does not need to worry and can "set it and forget it" knowing that Enero Water Leak Detector is silently monitoring the home and is ready to take action as needed.
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