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Manage all of your buildings' water flow in one place!

Our SmartBuildings Solution is cloud based water management software for commercial, restaurants, retail, and multi-family buildings. Built to provide piece of mind and savings from water leaks.

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Buildings alerted for water leaks

Remote water management

Multi-user access

Eligible for insurance discounts


Your not in your commercial buildings 24/7.  Let Enero Labs monitor your space 24/7, alert and automatically shut-off when a leak is identified to provide you piece of mind!


The customer experience is everything.  Enero Labs provides you with the 24/7 monitoring and control to ensure your establishments are not interrupted by water leaks!


The shopping experience should never be interrupted by water leaks.  Enero Labs allows you to control the water from anywhere to ensure your shoppes can continue shopping and not be impacted by water leaks!

Multi-Family, Hotels

Enero Labs provides visibility into the water consumption by all of your properties.  It allows you to control each property/unit separately and will automatically shut-off the water if a leak is identified to ensure your buildings are not impacted by catastrophic water events 

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