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Water waste, severe damage inside the house, and the growth of harmful organic substances are just some of the consequences of water leaks.

No matter how small or big the leak is, sooner or later this will be reflected on your bills or all your home.

You are not aware of the leaks that your house may have yet?

Check this information we bring you. We hope it can help you quickly detect the problem and avoid further damage.

What are the most common causes of water leaks?

  • Clogged drains

Undoubtedly, clogged drains are a big issue. Some clogs may cause your drains to crack or burst. When some clogs are not dealt with, they may increase the pressure within the drains, leaking the water in the pipes and causing big damage.

  • High water pressure

At first glance, high water pressure may seem positive; however, this is not completely true. Excessive or uneven pressure may damage the pipes. Most of the faucets and pipes can only withstand a determined level of pressure; any additional pressure will immediately cause leaks.

  • Corroded Pipes

Believe it or not, corrosion is an inevitable issue. As your plumbing system gets old, rust and other agents can corrode the pipes. Even if you isolate the metal to increase its durability, sooner or later pipes deteriorate. When a pipe becomes corroded, pinholes begin to form, which results in small leaks in your pipes.

  • Damaged Pipe Joints

Where pipes connect represents the weakest point in a pipeline. Over time, these pipes may deteriorate, resulting in big leaks. Often, pipe joints are not easily visible; this is why a professional is required to check your system at least once a year.

  • Unexpected temperature changes

When pipes experience extreme temperature changes, they may contract and expand. This may cause cracks in the pipes, especially when the temperatures are really low.

  • Intruding Tree Roots

People often think that most water leaks start inside the house, which is not completely true. Some of the most common leaks usually start in your house’s yard.

An example of this is tree roots. These can intrude on water lines, causing damage when making moisture leak from the garden.

Since most pipes are not easily visible, it is possible that you cannot see how they are really performing. This is why one of the ways to protect your home is using tools that allow you to understand and find solutions for these leaks.

At Enero Labs, we are willing to help you with our helpful tools for smart water leak detection. You will be aware of everything that is happening in your pipeline. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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